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Ionic Foot Bath

In this day and age, toxins loom everywhere. They are in the air, drinking water, foods we eat, cleaning products and beauty products.

Toxins damage enzymes which affect all bodily functions. They can lower the body’s capacity to prevent free-radical damage (which accelerates aging); they can displace calcium that is needed for bone health, resulting in weaker bones; they can accumulate in your digestive tract, liver and kidneys and cause your organs to quit working optimally; they can damage the cell membranes which will result in poor messaging to other parts of the body; they also can inhibit or block hormone production; and they can impair your ability to release toxins when needed the most.

Sometimes, our bodies need help detoxifying. 

A 30-minute Ionic Foot Detox Bath is just what you need!

How does an Ionic Foot Bath Work?

The current flows into the water from the machine eliciting a 3 step process

First, the current puts the user into a state of relaxation or parasympathetic state. Detoxification is a parasympathetic process so this is important.

The current may also help to remind a sluggish system how to operate more efficiently. Chronic Illness can result in confusion in the electrical processes of the body. The current from an ionic foot bath may help with electrical re-organization. We are, after all….electrical beings.

Secondly, the current from the unit splits the water molecules from H2O, into H+ and OH-. These little positive and negatively charged ions act like billions of tiny magnets attracting oppositely charged toxins from your sweat glands in your feet, and in your hands! (You can put your hands into an ionic foot bath and detox that way too!). This creates the initial draw of toxins from your body and into the water.

The water will change color as this reaction happens but the color change is not solely from the detox process. Particles, salts & other elements add to the color change.

This is a source of misperception among ionic foot bath critics who do not fully understand the process or technology.

Lastly, the effects of the parasympathetic switching and the current flow through your body sets in motion a detoxification process that lasts 3 to 5 five days. What you see in the water is a very minuscule representation of all the detox that occurs with a single session.

Just think about how much you could cleanse with regular sessions!

A user may notice that they use the restroom more often up to 5 days after a session.

They may sweat easier

They may sleep deeper 

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