Studio‚Äč 127

Our Team



Meditation Teacher

Marian began her meditation journey as a teenager and has followed the path throughout her life. She brings a gentle experience into the world of  mindfulness meditation.


Yoga Teacher

Nicole, a Cobb Mountain resident and outdoor enthusiast, is a passionate yogi. Expect to breath, ground, sweat and de-stress with her beginner-friendly flows. You will detox the mind and body; releasing stagnant, unwanted energy, allowing for peace and stillness.

Come reset your day. Namaste.


Yoga Teacher
Laurel began doing yoga over twenty years ago. She believes that humor and grace belong on the mat with you. In her classes you will find peace, relaxation, and hope through movement.

Join her for Buti Yoga, Gentle Flow, Ashtanga, or a Restorative Sound Healing Class.


Yoga Teacher

Danielle is a Lake County native and ayuvedic herbal expert. She wishes to bring a sense of well-being that you will take with you in your life.

Positive vibes and Tea will be served.