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Balanced Flow

find your peace in this one hour invigorating flow with Natalie


Buti Yoga is a powerful combination of primal movement, cardio, dance, and balanced yoga sequences. This unique flow gives your whole body a workout. 

Thursdays 5:00PM

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Class Fills Quickly

Please text 707-245-9695

Sound Bath 

Wednesday November 9th at 7pm

Sunday, November 20th at 3pm

Wednesday, November 30th at 7pm

Sound baths aim to calm anxiety and promote positive shifts in the body through (you guessed it!) sound. Just as a typical bath involves a person immersing themselves in water, a sound bath attempts to immerse a person in sound, so they feel enveloped in it. The class is wonderful for people who struggle with a chattering mind and difficulty relaxing. The sounds of the bowls bypass the part of the brain that normally can't settle and brings your brain into a safe space of calm.

 This is a meditative experience where those in attendance are “bathed” in sound waves.

Emerge Relaxed. Parasympathetic Nervous System RESET 

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