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Benefits of Holistic Skin Rituals

The Benefits of a Holistic Facial


A holistic facial has many benefits that are more than skin deep. It combines the techniques of a traditional facial with the therapeutic effects of holistic massage, and most importantly, takes the whole person into consideration in a treatment.

Instead of using invasive procedures, chemicals and machines, a holistic facial focuses on a variety of massage techniques to increase circulation, remove toxins and stimulate the production of collagen - keeping the skin looking young and healthy.

 It’s also great for releasing tension, headaches, sinus congestion and anxiety.

Your skin is a reflection of everything that’s going on inside your body and as your largest organ, the skin needs to maintain correct balance to function optimally. From emotional stress and hormonal imbalances to diet, lifestyle and pollution - your skin is constantly trying to balance itself against internal and external factors - which is why a holistic approach to skin care is so important.

Holistic facials involve treating the skin, and the person, as a "whole". It brings into consideration the bigger picture to understand the root cause of skin imbalances and works to energetically support the mind, body and soul - so we can keep these in equilibrium.


Holistic facials are a wonderful addition to your self care and wellness ritual. 

Among the many benefits, a holistic facial helps to:

Nourish the skin and brighten the complexion

Reduce stress, tension and anxiety

Improve the texture of the skin

Correct and rebalance skin conditions

Softens lines and wrinkles

Stimulate the removal of toxins from the tissue

Relieve tension, headaches and sinus pressure

Create an overall feeling of wellbeing

Tone and lift the facial muscles

Promote restful sleep

All of the products used in the treatment are 100% natural, organic and high performance, to nourish and restore the skin. During a holistic facial we are seeking to nourish the whole system, so using skincare that is pure, efficient, non-toxic and with aromatherapy benefits is an important aspect of the experience.

One of the deeper benefits of a holistic facial is to allow yourself time and space on a regular basis to check in with yourself, to reconnect, and realign body, mind and soul.

I intentionally create a safe space in the treatment room, in order to help my clients, let go and truly relax. The power of human touch is also instrumental in this process of signaling to our body that we are safe. 

When we are soothed into a parasympathetic state, our nervous system instinctively knows how to relax and heal, which is where the deepest transformation takes place. 

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