Studio 127

Elemental Belly Dance

Belly Dance is an ageless and beautiful style of movement that creates grace and flow for all body types.


Beginner Adult Belly Dance​

This class is great for the novice dancer. We will learn how to isolate and find the parts of our bodies that we have forgotten how to move. We will find fluidity and grace in ourselves that has been hidden in our still society. Come to class and have a fun, dance, shimmy, and enliven yourself.

Kids Belly Dance

Just for the little ones 12 and under. Kids love the beautiful music and the playful movements and of course, the fun costumes! Kids will learn the dance moves through playing a series of stimulating games that help them build balance, coordination, and musicality. They feel like they are playing but by the end of the session they have become elegant, confident little dancers. Bellydance is a great introduction for learning to dance because it is forgiving and accepting of a vast variety of body types so children never feel like they don't "fit the mold". One can begin at ANY fitness level and feel very successful quite quickly, which is a very gratifying experience for young children. This class is structured to encourage positive self-esteem and celebrate diversity. Available upon request for a group of 4 or more.